About Us

Our Mission

  • To serve as a center of competence for the technical design of new blockchain applications
  • To develop new blockchain-related technologies
    • To facilitate and catalyze blockchain-related research at UiO
    • To foster new initiatives and projects
    • To promote entrepreneurship of lab graduates by channeling possibilities, including collaboration with new ventures
  • To promote innovation and collaboration between academia and industry related to blockchain technology and applications
    • To find partners and catalyze industry research
    • To foster new initiatives and projects
  • To improve the education in blockchain technology in Norway through academic courses, tutorials, and master projects

Distinguishing elements of the blockchain lab

  • Key Assets
    • Professional experts and existing knowledge base
    • Facilities and hardware
    • Network
    • Software installations
  • Unique Advantages
    • Cooperation with key technology providers such as IBM and IOTA Foundation
    • Proximity to innovation ecosystem (Forskningsparken, Oslo Science City)
    • Industry network in the greater Oslo region
    • A meeting place for industry and students
  • Legal Restrictions
    • The Blockchain Lab is legally part of the Institute for Informatics
    • The Lab does not provide sponsorship to external partners