Steering Committee

The lab is being managed by a Steering Committee:

Roman Vitenberg

Lab Director
Professor at UiO

Carsten Griwodz

Professor at UiO, leading the section for Distributed Infrastructures and Security
Adjunct Researcher at SimulaMet

Geir Horn

Professor at UiO

Olaf Owe

Professor at UiO & UiA
Research group for reliable systems (PSY)

Wilfried Pimenta de Miranda

Founder & CEO of Alpha Venturi
Steering Committee

William Sanders

Director of Research at the IOTA Foundation
Steering Committee

More from our steering committee members:

My research interests range from operating systems, networks and distribution infrastructures to user experience, in particular with respect to resource consumption and the latency demands of applications. These aspects dominate my interest in blockchain technology. I'm interested in their resource consumption and ability to support the latency requirements of delay-critical applications and end users.

Carsten Griwodz - Steering Committee Member

I have done work on smart contracts, starting from a language-based angle, focusing on suitable language paradigms as well as formal specification and verification methods. Work on privacy and efficiency is also done.

Olaf Owe - Steering Committee Member

DLT is here to stay and its impact will be transformative across industries and society as whole. Beyond cryptocurrencies, DLT enables a new open and transparent digital infrastructure and innovative smart services and business models for both public and private sectors.

Wilfried Pimenta de Miranda - Steering Committee Member

DLTs represent an exciting new infrastructure, allowing digital actors, whether they be people, machines, institutions, to organize themselves socially without necessarily submitting to a central authority.

William Sanders - Steering Committee Member