Organization & People

Partnership encompasses multiple cross-disciplinary academic units from the University of Oslo, organisations from the public sector, and industrial companies including providers of the use cases and providers of the blockchain technology.

Salar Arbabi

Ph.D. Fellow at UiO

Blockchain Applications in Healthcare Storage Systesm & Consent Management Platforms

Selina Demi

Ph.D. candidate at University of Oslo, Doctoral research fellow at Østfold University College

Blockchain Technology, Requirements and Software Engineering

Thiago Garrett

PostDoc Fellow at UiO

Blockchain Performance, Scalability, Sustainability, and Applications

Praveensankar Manimaran

Ph.D. Fellow at UiO

Decentralized and Self Sovereign Identity & Blockchain Systems

Andrea Merlina

Ph.D. Fellow at UiO

Consensus Protocol of Open Blockchains and Cryptopuzzle Properties

Sara Mohammadi

Ph.D. Fellow at UiO

Security issues in local P2P energy trading systems, Attack detection using transparent Machine learning models

Mohammad H. Tabatabaei

Ph.D. Fellow at UiO

Blockchain Platforms

Min Zhang

Ph.D. Fellow at UiO

P2P energy trading based on blockchain technologies

More from our lab members:

I research within SMARTMED research project and am exploring how to exploit blockchain technology and Smart Contracts to enhance the healthcare sector. Our principal approach in SMARTMED is to facilitate solutions for health registries by using Smart Contracts and the Blockchain Paradigm. From the data safety, authenticity, and nonrepudiation point of view, blockchain is considered a perfect fit for sharing medical records since it provides an easily accessible, immutable, and transparent history of all contract-related data, adequate for building applications with trust, accountability, and transparency.

Salar - Ph.D.

I've been working on topics related to blockchain technologies, in particular alternative proof-of-work schemes and decentralized identity management. My interests span all layers of Distributed Ledger Technologies, from network to consensus and applications. I've special interest in use cases related to the Internet of Things.

Thiago - PostDoc

Blockchain is a revolutionary architecture that showed a way to eliminate middle-man in many applications. I am investing the role of blockchain in future Identity Management Systems to enable a decentralized society.

Praveen - Ph.D.

Bitcoin solved the problem of consensus in a permissionless environment like the internet, however at huge computing cost. I am interested in the properties of such system and how to make it less wasteful and more useful since I believe that cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

Andrea - Ph.D.

I am a member of Smart Community Neighborhood - driven by the energy informatics (smartNEM) project whose vision is to exploit state-of-the-art ICT methods, tools, and techniques for future sustainable energy systems. I am working on designing P2P energy trading (sharing) systems in a community neighbourhood, finding their security issues, and providing suitable solutions to maintain the security of those systems by using Machine Learning techniques. My research interests include Machine Learning, Data Mining, Security, Blockchain, Optimization, and Energy Informatics.

Sara - Ph.D.

Despite the emerging consolidation efforts, the blockchain area remains highly turbulent without systematization, educational materials, or cross-system comparative analysis. We provide a systematic and comprehensive study of widely different blockchain systems and present it as a cross-system comparison, hoping to contribute towards systematization of the area and help to an in-depth understanding of the design principles behind blockchain systems.

Mohammad - Ph.D.

My name is Min Zhang. I am a PhD fellow at Department of Informatics at University of Oslo. My currently research is on Peer to peer energy trading based on blockchain technologies. I have experience mainly on Hyperledger Fabric blockchain.

Min - Ph.D.